Apple and the Legal Battle for Market Share

Mack Lannahan

Apple and Samsung faced off in court today over whether the South Korea-based tech company illegally copied portions of the iPad and iPhone design in its own alternatives to those devices. One of the key details that has emerged in reports about the case thus far is that Apple isn’t as focused on collecting damages as it is on preventing Samsung from selling the Galaxy 10.1, one of the products under scrutiny, in the U.S. The case, that is, isn’t as much about patent protection as it is about market share — the key issue for Apple being its deteriorating foothold in global smartphone sales.

There are a number of allegations of copying at stake. Apple has claimed that Samsung “ripped off the look and feel of the iPhone, including its rectangular shape with rounded corners,” for which it is seeking a none-too-paltry $2.5 billion settlement. It has also…

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