Legal Strategy Gets Complex As Charges Are Presented in Colorado Shooting Trial

If the laws can’t prevent someone from garnering weapons to kill people and then can’t punish someone who manages to do just that, then what’s the use of having them in the first place?
It will be a defeat for all the people who were affected by the incident directly or indirectly if he gets away with an insanity plea. He’ll be smirking all the way to the asylum.


The extreme nature of the grisly crime James Eagan Holmes is accused of was enough for Colorado prosecutors to charge him twice for each victim. He was charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder, for example, related to the 12 victims he is said to have killed. Although the total number of people he allegedly killed or wounded comes to 70, he actually faces 140 counts — charged double for each person he allegedly shot — plus two additional charges for explosives possession and unlawfully using weapons to commit his alleged crimes.

But upon reading the criminal complaint, each of the two charges per victim is different. For each person killed or wounded, one charge denotes premeditation “with the intent to cause the death,” while the other reads that Holmes, a former neurology student, had “an attitude of universal malice” and an “extreme indifference to human life,” which “created a…

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