Microsoft denies claims made of “backdoors for government” to Skype. Noting it did recently overhaul its Skype network for Quality, Service and of course Security.

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Microsoft-Skype Snooping Accusations Push All the Paranoia Buttons

Hold the phone, Internet, before deciding whether Microsoft has engineered a backdoor to allow Skype wiretaps.

By Robert X. Cringely, Infoworld

Has Microsoft has figured out a way to bug Skype calls? A report published in Slate late last week suggests this might maybe possibly be theoretically true — cue the InterWeb’s full-blown paranoia party.

In a blog post titled “Skype won’t say whether it can eavesdrop on your conversations,” Slate’s Ryan Gallagher determined through dogged questioning that Microsoft will neither confirm nor deny that it has built a backdoor into Skype that would allow the government to wiretap VoIP calls.

From this he naturally concludes that Microsoft really is eavesdropping on our conversations and is trying to keep it a big fat secret:

… when I repeatedly questioned the company on Wednesday whether it could currently facilitate wiretap…

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