10 Unwritten Laws of Web Etiquette


You’re not even finished with the first of many cups of liquid motivation, when you take in a morning hit of Facebook. Uh-oh. Looks like John Doe has posted 45 new photos dedicated to his latest head shot photography session. Hold your nausea, because he doesn’t stop there. Next, he posts a pessimistic status update so verbose it could rival The Lord of the Rings. (Admit it — you waited for the movies, didn’t you?)Click — unsubscribe.

The thing is, John Doe could very well be a decent dude, but his online presence is really a buzzkill. It’s due time he and the rest of Webville take note of the unwritten laws of web etiquette. Here’s a list of a handful of taboos to avoid in order to ensure your presence appears virtuous to all. (Taps magic wand on shoulder.)

1. Don’t overshare.

By now, it’s common…

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