Cybersecurity Needs its Own Regulation

cPolicy by Imani

On Friday, July 6, 2012, Paul Rosenzweig posted some rather interesting viewpoints on cybersecurity regulation on entitled, “Cybersecurity Regulation–How Significant is the Threat?”. Although Rosenzweig acknowledged that his viewpoint is in the minority, he did raise a few key points that I felt the need to address in a reactionary blog post. He essentially outlines the reasons he thinks that broad cybersecurity regulation is unnecessary for the rising issues in the cyber sphere.

Rosenzweig states that if the main purpose of introducing cybersecurity regulation is to reduce cyber crime, then it shouldn’t be considered a more optimal means of achieving that goal than “stronger punishments…more and better investigated tools and…enhanced international cooperation”. He then compares having a standard for cybersecurity regulation to regulating door locks and window bars to prevent street crime, noting that regulating the behavior of innoecnt actors is not the best way to prevent criminal…

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