IP Draughts

As most people know by now, Mr Pettifog likes an open fire in his study.  His trainee’s first duty each morning is to rake out the ashes of the previous day’s fire, before setting paper and kindling in a regular tetrahedron, ready to be lit when Mr Pettifog arrives.

The trainee’s second task is to print out any draft contracts that have arrived via the interweb since Mr Pettifog left the office the previous afternoon, and to mark them up with any changes that she thinks Mr Pettifog may require. Woe betide any trainee who allows any of the following list of words to appear in a draft IP contract.  When Mr Pettifog spots them, the entire contract is likely to be hurled into the fire.

This causes the trainee several problems.  First, she has to stand by with a Schweppes soda syphon to put out any stray flames.  Extinguishing…

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