IP Draughts

One of the most popular articles on this blog is Ten Words and Phrases You Should Never Use in IP Contracts.  To celebrate reaching 50,000 viewings on this blog, here is a companion piece to that article, in which we identify 10 words and phrases that should be used in IP contracts, and which make Mr Pettifog happy[marginally less irritable].

  1. Hereby. IP Draughts tries to avoid words such as hereinafter and whereof in contracts.  However, he makes an exception for hereby, specifically in the context of hereby grants and hereby assigns.  It may be important to be clear on whether the agreement is granting a licence or assigning IP now, rather than merely promising to do so in the future.  For example, using the words hereby assigns rather than shall assign or agrees to assign places beyond doubt that the assignment is occurring now, under…

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