Should I Trademark My Blog Name?

The Newbie Lawyer

By Michelle M. Oberfell

Since we were basically instructed in law school to respond to every question with a question: let’s start there – “Well, can you?”

The law is not black and white, and while everyone wants the quick answer, there is often more to the issue that needs to be addressed before an answer (or potential answers) can be given.

Let’s start with the basics.

Can you file an application with the USPTO (the Trademark Office) to register your blog name?  The answer to this question is simple – yes, you can.  As a matter of fact, anyone can submit an application for a Trademark.  The application can be submitted online and costs between $275-$325 for one mark in one class of goods or services.

However, this answer can be misleading because submitting the application is not the same as getting a registered Trademark – and no blog…

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