Why I HATE Being a Lawyer.

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I don’t really hate being a lawyer.  Most days I enjoy it.  It can be rewarding emotionally, financially, even spiritually, but…

being a lawyer has its downsides.

  1. For one, we have to deal with OTHER LAWYERS.  Other lawyers do things differently than you do them.  They are slow, they don’t do what they say they will, they tell you things that are just wrong and they give their clients crummy advice.
  2. All of our CLIENTS HAVE PROBLEMS.  That is why they are seeing you.  Lawyers purposely make other people’s problems their own!
  3. All Lawyers are NOT RICH.  What?!! They never told you that before law school.  Lawyers struggle to find their niche’, find their market and some just don’t like being lawyers.
  4. JUDGES.  Judges judge you.  They judge me.  That’s their job, but some let it go to their head.  A Judge’s attitude alone can make or break a Court…

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