The Future of Hacking


sd-p1There’s an awful lot of hacking goes on in science fiction – but right at the moment, there’s an awful lot of hacking going on in the real world. Or that’s what we’d be led to believe by the press. This past month seems to have been rife with instances of internet information leakage, government tapping and straight forward ‘hacking’. Two major news sites down in the last seven days as a result, and a couple of providers of psuedo-private email services voluntarily closed down because they realised that they were in no position to be able to protect the privacy of those who use those services or the data they keep there. I refer to them as ‘psuedo-private’ because really that’s all any of these services ever can be unless you go and build your very own infrastructure upon which to run all communications.

As even Google pointed out…

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