The Ongoing Fight for your Right to Hack



Cory Doctorow’s zine, Make, is an encyclopedia of ways to turn yourself into a mad scientist. Most of them are kind of pointless; the digital magic 8 ball won’t really tell you the future, and the junk robot won’t crush, kill or destroy. But if you play around enough, you may build enough confidence to take on something more ambitious. Like a hydroponic window garden.

If he had is way, we would all have little screw drivers in our hands. Our desks would be littered with parts from first generation IPads and smart phones with broken screens. You see, Cory has always learned by undoing. He dismantled Star Wars in 1977, re-writing it over and over in order to learn the narrative process. (George Lucas should have done the same.)

But big corporations don’t want that. They don’t want you to tinker with their things, even after it’s become…

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