Copyright Perils and the Worth of Due Diligence

4.605x - A Global History of Architecture: Part 1

Courseware design is enormously complicated business and, to a pedagogical extent orders of magnitude more intense than in residential education, every aspect of an online course depends upon every other: assessment must be based on content available, available content must be easy to access and accessible to consume, discussion must be directed but open to individuation, et cetera. Like any other aspect of the course “A Global History of Architecture: Part 1,” recorded lecture content needs to be executed to the highest standard of completion so that all other aspects can proceed smoothly. A student cannot start to understand, say, the geometry Hagia Sophia, if they are denied illustrations of it; if they can’t understand the material, they can’t discuss it or be tested on it, and if neither of these things occur, a requisite part of our course remains incomplete and subsequent material building off it will be compromised…

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