Notes: “Why Napster matters to writing: File sharing as a new ethic of digital delivery” by Dànielle Nicole DeVoss and James E. Porter

Rhetorically Prattling

I wanted to make sure I collected my quotes from this text close to the Lanham text as well. While DeVoss and Porter don’t directly engage in Lanham the way Brooke does, there is still a relationship here that needs to be traced. Many of the copyright and intellectual property issues DeVoss and Porter navigate here speak directly to the predictions made by Lanham. Lanham saw that a print-based model for copyright would prove insufficient and problematic for digital texts and called for reconceiving our systems to account for this; DeVoss and Porter echo this call and offer a model for understanding the ethics of distribution based on networking, particularly P2P networks.

Also, this echoes Trimbur and his work on the circulation of writing based on a Marxist model of circulation.

“Rather, the Napster crisis represents a profound cultural shift. Napster matters because it signals a new ‘digital ethic’…

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