Sins of Literature 3: Plagiarism

Guy Farrish Writes

The Sins of Literature series continues on R4. The second episode last week didn’t hold my interest as much as the first and I approached today’s with a feeling of ‘should I bother?’ I could be writing something after all. I stuck with it though. Did this turn out to be the right decision?

I think so. It concerned plagiarism. The party line being sold was that perhaps there is no such thing as plagiarism. We all borrow, reinvent and are inspired by past writing. There were some caveats that perhaps where the homage is too close to the original and attempting to achieve the same aim then it might be stealing and this is wrong. Some thought that even this was acceptable; words, ideas are not they claimed, like physical property. If you steal my watch I don’t have a watch; steal my words then I still have them…

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