Stealing is Stealing! Copyright Law Isn’t Different in Social Media

SoLoMo Law

You may think that social media and the internet have changed copyright rules.  That whatever you find is something you can use.  Let me first say that nothing has changed.  While some may hail the January decision regarding use of photos on Twitter as new social media law, they are missing the point.  Existing laws apply, folks.  The judge didn’t change copyright law just for the internet.  Why Agence France-Press thought it was ok to lift somebody’s copyrighted work without any legwork on getting permission amazes me.

Second, you need to understand this space, because copyright is where you are going to have your biggest intellectual property fail in social.

NOTE: This is a reprint of an earlier post.  I think it useful to look back and revisit it, given my last two posts about managing the risks in social.  If you are looking for more foundational information on…

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