Copyright Law – A Dream or A Nightmare?

Statute of RyAnne

Washington D.C.I’ve been thinking a lot about big dreams lately. Every great idea, invention, story or plan starts with a dream and the vision to accomplish that dream. I personally think that a dream is one of the most powerful things in the universe because all else stems from that one creative spark. I guess that is why I love the Copyright statute so much. It promotes and helps dreams and the dreamers who have them. To borrow from one of my favorite Disney songs “A Dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Lately, the dream that has been on my mind is the one Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared fifty years ago this week on August 28 during the March on Washington. Like me, when historical anniversaries occur, you probably seek out news stories, footage via YouTube, and photographs from the internet. Until I began searching for a video…

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