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               “My nose is running, do you have any Kleenex”? OR “Put this sandwich in a Tupperware and stick it in the fridge” I am not sure exactly how or when these terms began to be used as the naming of the actual product. However they must have dominated the marketing industry at one point in order for people to only refer to the product by the brand name. This is known as a generic trademark. A majority of the population including myself refer to tissue as Kleenex without giving it a second thought. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these brands are dominating in the market as of today. For example Puffs seems to be on top now because of their use of commercials and advertisements. You don’t really see other Kleenex commercials. (See I just referred to tissue as Kleenex without even thinking). Kleenex and Tupperware aren’t officially generic…

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