Are You Infringing Any Copyrights?


copyright 3Copyright laws are pretty complex and it takes an understanding of them to avoid inadvertently stepping on another writer’s toes landing yourself in hot water in the process. With this said, coming to grips with the basics might seem a bit involved, but well worth the effort.

By using another author’s quote in your copy, you are in effect infringing a copyright if you have not been permission to do so. Writers and authors have a habit of using quotes under the impression it’s allowed , but the reality is somewhat different.

Copyright on literary and other work stands for 70 years once the author has passed away – that is of course, unless the text has been deemed copyright-free. After this period of time, you can use quotes knowing you are not infringing any copyright laws.

There Are Ways around the Problem

There are a few ways around the issue…

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