Overview of Cyber Crimes

Digital Forensics

Information Technology and the Internet have led to innovation and economic growth, but have also created new avenues for malicious actors to perpetrate crimes. The perpetrators range from sophisticated hackers to common criminals to foreign intelligence agencies and international terrorists. Cyber threats are increasing for governments, commercial enterprises and industry and above all ordinary citizens.

The all pervasive role of internet and computers and the networks can be gauged from the glance of a newspaper on any given day, on the lives of the citizens, corporations and governments world over. Number of lottery scams, fake profiles on social networking websites and, identity theft for fake banking transactions etc., have become news of daily routine and, are affecting increasing number of ordinary citizens. Commercial enterprises are becoming targets of frauds by insiders, commercial espionage and, intellectual property thefts causing enormous damages to reputations of the companies and, potentially huge financial losses…

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