Types of Cyber Crimes

Digital Forensics

Cyber crimes cover a wide range of illegal activities, which are either done solely using computer resources (as defined under Section 2 of ITAA, 2008) or, done in conjunction with traditional means using the computer resources and communication devices as tools to commit conventional crimes. The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 under Section 66, deals with cyber crimes, with the penal provisions for committing any of the acts defined under Section 43 of the ITAA 2008, if the acts were done with fraudulent or dishonest intentions. Apart from Section 66, the amendment to the ITA2000, has introduced the emerging cyber crimes under its ambit.

The crimes dealt under this section (66), thus presuppose that, all these acts were done with dishonest and fraudulent intentions. If the fraudulent or dishonest intentions are not forthcoming, they will be dealt under Section 43 of the IT Act and, will be dealt with by…

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