Bangalore rose onion


The “Bangalore Rose Onion”, which is almost exclusively grown for the export market, has managed to get the coveted “Geographical Indication” tag.  It is the 217th product in India to get the tag.  The GI tag is an intellectual property right that not only indicates the geographical origin of that product but also conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness of the product.
The Bangalore Rose Onion tag means that this onion is grown in one of the 16 taluks of Bengaluru rural, Kolar and Doddaballapur.  The GI tag was announce late last week.
Bangalore Rose Onion is the only product to get the tag this year (2014 — 2015) out of the 20 given products across the world.  This is only the second item to have “Bangalore” in its name.  Out of the 235 products that now have the GI tag in India, 29 are from Karnataka.  Out of…

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