Blog #1: Disney vs. Deadmau5?

(News Article)

In this publication, a debacle between children’s movies mogul Disney and EDM DJ deadmau5 wages on over a patent on a logo. Disney argues that said patent looks too similar to their beloved mascot’s head, and this put mau5’s request on hold until after the litigation period ends and a verdict has been reached. Personally, I think this is a low-ball move on Disney’s end. Children’s movies/cartoons and electronic music are not even remotely similar! Disney has absolutely no reason to be targeting deadmau5, other than they do not want deadmau5 to have an even bigger name and in the United States than he already does; he has been deadmau5 for over a decade now. One would argue that it looks too similar to Mickey Mouse, but the only detail that is supported by this is the disproportionate ears. This is a staple among all cartoon mice…

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