IT-Security, authenticity, and the “Finger”

kc posch, iaik, graz univ of technology

Should we trust what we see?

No. Definitely not.

Here’s and example why we should not:

A picture is a set of pixels. A film is a sequence of pictures.

Pixels can be changed.
Pixels get changed.
Pictures get changed.
Films get changed.

There is software for everything.

Why do people do this?

Because they can. Because someone does.

Should we trust what we see on TV?

No. Definitely not. We should be careful to the utmost.

By the way: We at IAIK research on IT-security. One of the key concepts of IT-security is “authenticity”. If you want to learn more about “authenticity”, come to us. Visit our lectures. Do a project with us. You can learn a lot with us. A key tool in order to achieve authenticity is the use of cryptographic signatures. If you want to become an informed citizen in the era of the Internet…

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