How clients perceive lawyers

There is a magic moment in Advocate- client relationship. It is that moment when a client knows, not believes but actually knows that hiring you was the right choice.
For the most part, your clients aren’t able to judge the quality of a brief, the brilliance of a closing argument or the skill required to negotiate a favorable outcome. They must look for something they can measure, so they look for value in other areas. To help them develop a perception of value around your services, you must deliver value in a way they understand.
Before that moment, every client and prospective client will use all other indicators to establish in their mind just how good you are as a lawyer.
Below are a few indicators of the clients perception of the lawyer.
• If your office doesn’t return phone calls promptly, you are arrogant, unapproachable or you just don’t care.
• If they have to wait on hold or in your office past their appointment time, you must feel that your time is more valuable than theirs, or again you are just arrogant.
• If a commitment is made to them and that commitment is honored, on time, you must be one of the few lawyers who are fully committed to your clients and your practice.
Too often, perception is reality. Everyone who has contact with your firm of course prospective clients and clients will make an evaluation of your skill as a lawyer based on every experience they have with you.
Finally, it is observed that although you may hear negative comments about lawyers in general, most individuals have positive things to say about their own Lawyers.


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