How clients feel when they engage the services of a lawyer

A lawyer has specialized skills and expertise to help you get something done or solve a problem that involves the law. Lawyers are trained to understand the law and to work within the legal system to assist their clients. People count on a lawyer’s assistance when they prepare a will, buy or sell a house, separate from a spouse, start a company, have a claim against someone for damages, need to defend themselves against criminal charges, or want to right a wrong … those are just some of the many reasons you may be asking a lawyer for advice.

But while you may be asking for legal advice as a client, below are some the feelings and thoughts  clients’ exhibit when they seek assistance form lawyers:proposal-handed-to-lawyers2

Insecure- I’m out of my depth

Threatened- I need advice to mitigate risk

At risk- how much will this all cost

Impatient- I need this sorted now

Worried- My work isn’t a priority for them

Ignorant- I don’t understand

Sceptical – whatever they suggest is for their ends

Suspicious- Am I being taken for a ride

Piece of advice: You need to be able to communicate easily with your lawyer, to feel comfortable asking questions and to feel confident that you can work together to accomplish your goals.

Source: David Maister


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